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I work for an Event Center and provide WiFi services to promoters and vendors.

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I work for an Event Center and provide WiFi services to promoters and vendors. I create a custom SSID for each show with a name they will associate to their event and then give them the password. Currently we ask a potential vendor how many devices he/she will want WiFi to cover and charge accordingly. There is nothing to stop the vendor from giving us a low number and giving the password out to a greater number. Spot checks have shown that this is happening. We want to tell the vendor upfront that we will charge per WiFi connection. Therefore, I want to be able to run a report, or maybe just copy a table, at the end of an event that will show the MAC addresses that connected to the specific SSID during the event. We would then provide the vendor with the list and charge based on the actual number. I have not found a way to do this on the ZD1200 and have no experiece with FlaxMaster or Smart Cell Insight. SCI seems like serious overkill for this capability so wonder if FlexMaster will work. Anybody have experience with this?

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for the sake of keeping it simple without investing and managing backend infra...
i would recommend Ruckus Dynamic PSK feature
read here:

hope this helps..

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Thanks for the suggestion.  While looking at PSK I found the Self Service Guest access which looked great because it had a box to limit the devices allowed.  But it only limits the number of devices per pass code and gives out unlimited pass codes as far as I can tell.  Will keep looking.