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Changing r600 Unleahsed Access Port to Trunk/Tagged port for multiple vlan

New Contributor
Im not using any ZD because unleashed APs can act as somewhat a ZD. The thing is that I wanted to run multiple SSIDs with different vlans to accommodate different departments. But as soon as you go to the advanced setting in hopes to change the port type to trunk (or tagged if not cisco inclined), you're only restricted to use an access port. Not like the r710 where you can change the port types through drop down menus.

I really need help with this one on how to change the port type to trunk so that multiple vlans could pass through a single ethernet cable


I don’t recall exactly how I configured this back when I deployed it, but I believe I simply configured the ACCESS VLAN for the WLANs on Unleashed and then told the switch that these VLANs would be tagged and that was it.

So it doesn't need to be both trunk ports for the vlans to pass through?

I believe that's strictly a switch configuration.