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Cannot Log In to my R700 Access points after Firmware upgrade

New Contributor II
I have upgraded my Zone Director and APs from version update205 to zd1100_9. After the upgrade I cannot log onto my 3 AP's I have on my network.

That command should be executed on the AP's CLI not on the ZD. Try to login to the SSH of the AP using putty with the same credentials as of the ZD.

If you are able to login, then set the above command and check.

Thanks Anusha. It worked.

New Contributor II
Where do I set the on the Zone Director?

Contributor III
I have also seen this.

The AP takes the upgrade and you can still ping the AP, but its not up from a management perspective.

You need to power cycle the AP's to bring them back up on the controller.

I have seen this on the following AP's: 7762 and 7782

I have power cycled the AP's but I am still not able to log into them through any browser.