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r310 vs h320 coverage

New Contributor III
I recently migrated my home from Unifi AP:s. I had two AP AC Pro. One in the attic covering most of the house, I have replaced that one with an r710 which is running Unleashed.

I need an AP to cover my backyard (which is not very big, it about 15x15 yards), I have a shed in the yard, where I have an incoming POE CAT6a cable, and I have used previously an AP AC Pro, but it's now replaced with an r310. The R310 has great range and fits perfectly in the shed.

After reading about unleashed 200.7 vs 200.8 I understand my r310 will not work with 200.8 which is a shame when the r710 is capable of running 200.8. So I'm thinking about buying a used h320 (which can run 200.8) or perhaps a r510 (which would be more expensive).
My question is will the h320 do? Will it cover my backyard? (The green area between the houses) or will it be more sensible to try and switch the r310 to a r510?

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Thanks in advance!

New Contributor II

I think you can downgrade the R710 AP firmware to 200.7. because R500 and R710 both of APs supported that firmware.


New Contributor II
I think you can downgrade the R710 AP firmware to 200.7. because R310 and R710 both of APs supported that firmware. I think it is a best option.

New Contributor III
Yes I guess that's a viable option esp considering it won't cost anything in my current situation. I'm thinking it's better to be on 200.8, since there is no development on 200.7? I'm guessing new features only will be added to 200.8? So for the long run might be better to aim for a 200.8 AP.

I get the impression the H320 more aimed for a small room, which might be enough, but would like to get some thoughts on it.

Esteemed Contributor II
Correct, the H320 is designed for Hospitality use.  Our Rxxx are indooR, the Txxx are ouTdoor, the Qxxx are for CBRS.
An R710 near a window to the yard should overlap well.  The R310 cannot mesh however,so I hope you have it wired.  Then Unleashed is still a good management/visibility platform.