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how to create different SSID with different ISP

New Contributor
Hi, i have 2 SSID: Corporate SSID & Guest SSID.
we have asked to use a new ISP for Guest access and not let them use this one, when an employee connects to corporate ssid the zone director must redirect him to corporate network and when a guest connect to Guest SSID ZD have to redirect him to the second ISP router but he cannot see the corporate network.
we have 6 ZD7363 and ZD1106.
the APs are connected to one switch HP1910 24G PoE and we have trunk port with HP 1910 for private network in case corporate . my question is: is it possible to have this configuration and how to setup AP and ZD. if you need further information , please let me know. thank you for your help

Valued Contributor
All the segregation will be done on wired side. ZD will not direct any data traffic what so ever as all the traffic will bypass it by default.

You just need to setup your VLANs on APs propperly. So under the Config :: WLANS :: Advanced settings you need to input the Guest VID in the VLAN and the Corp VID for the Corp WLAN

If don't quite remember my HP switches now, but either all VLANs are segregated by default or none are and you need to setup some ACLs on them.

New Contributor
thanks for the reply, but what about ip address for both SSIDs , guest and corporate acces share the same APs but with different IP and connected to different DHCP ?

Hi Mourad,

As Primoz mentioned, most part of the configuration will be done on the wired network.

And about your last reply...the guest and corporate users will get Ip address based upon the VLANs that they are part of. Please ensure to connect the APs to Trunk ports tagging the VLANs you want for the SSIDs. Also, I think it will easier to have two different IP scopes on the same DHCP server instead of having two DHCP servers which may need more configuration.