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accesspoint stop forward broadcasts

New Contributor II
dose anyone has an idea why R510/610 will suddenly stop forward broadcasts (arp) via radio. and after restart broadcast forward again.
we have SmartZone with several ap (different zones).ap firmware is
in some sites, we encounter this issue.
suddenly we cant reach some devices and we notice that the arp table didn't include the target IP. when adding a static arp entry to source device it was able to reach the target device.
resetting the ap (the one that the target device was connected to) the issue solved foe a while. 

New Contributor III
Hi Ahiya,
we have similar issue in that version, that is fixed with a Patch in 5.1.2 release. Could you please open a support case and we will help you on how to do this?

Best Regards.

ive contact the support and they told me i need to upgrade my smartzone.
cant i upgrade only the APs?

Smartzone carries the firmware upgrade for the APs. So you can't upgrade the APs without first upgrading the Smartzone. You can leave the zones at their level (AP firmware) and upgrade as you need to, as zones have their own firmware settings separate of that of the Smartzone itself.

New Contributor II
hi thank you for quick response.

is there any later GA firmware that is recommended
and includes this patch?
by the way, do you familiar with any google home issues with my current firmware?