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ZoneFlex 2982 home use, connection issues

New Contributor II
I was recently given a 7982 for home use from our schools technical supplier. Upon configuring it for use, I cannot seem to get a device to stay connected to it. I come from the instructional side of technology, and I'm very ignorant when it comes to the technical side. Any insights on how they should be configured?

Firmware version is

I originally thought my cable modem might be the issue, so I went ahead and placed it. However, that seems to be working fine .

New Contributor II
I think problem is in cable modem.

You need to reboot cable modem every time you change device attached to modem.

Problem is when modem recognise device attached to him, he remember his MAC adress.

When you do reboot, he will remember next device attached

Tell me if this solve your problem

New Contributor II
Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem. I verified with the ISP that the modem is running correctly. I restarted everything. It seems now that the computer can connect to the access point at 2.4, but will not connect to the Internet. When I hardwire from the modem to the computer, it works fine

Valued Contributor II
quick questions:
Is IP being given by Ruckus or cable modem or its set manually? Ruckus by default does not give IP and has to be configured exclusively to do so if needed.

when you  said "computer can connect to the access point at 2.4, but will not connect to the Internet" - did you check if you got the right IP series and DNS ?

Hi Monnat , not sure if my reply to Martin below answers your question. From the user interface on the Aris modem, I'm not finding an IP address. However, to access the user interface, I use a 192 address. Is there way for me to tell this from the router?

To be more specific about the current issue, I have some devices that will connect to the router (kindle fire stick, iPad) but not access the Internet. A couple of other devices, such as my iPhone 7 and windows laptop, connect to the router and Internet fine. On the ruckuseand, I have set a static channel for both the 2.4 and 5.0 access points. Channel 9 for 2.4, and I believe channel 36 for the 5.0.

Again, I apologize for my ignorance! I appreciate everyone's help.