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ZD 1200 controller with 15 number of 7341 AP

New Contributor
i have zone director 1200 with ver 9.12 firmware with 15 number of 7341 AP connected with ZD 1200, i have enabled DHCP in ZD 1200 but in end user device like laptop,smart phone IP is not releasing properly and always it showing limited network in WLAN apdatper in MS-Win 8 and Win 10 OS and android smart phone.And also SSID is not broadcasting in stable some time SSID can be seen in any Wireless device some time it will not seen in end devices...
need a solution for this issue..

Esteemed Contributor II
Install latest ZD firmware, for latest fixes and enhancements.

Try reducing DHCP lease time on the ZD to minimum 6 hours.  Limited network implies Internet access, not
necessarily a problem with wireless local network access.  Check your WAN interface statitistics with your ISP.

Not sure how you could be not seeing your SSIDs, but 7341 is 2.4GHz band only, and might encounter RF interference
that can affect client experience.  Do all clients have problems in certain areas?