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Where do you reboot your SmartZone 100 sz100?

New Contributor III

I have been all over the interface and still cannot locate a place where you can click on a button that will reboot the smartzone 100.

SZ100 firmware is:

Thought it used to be under the user icon at the top right of the screen, but it's not there anymore.

I can always yank the power cord out but did not want to do that.

Any help would be appreciated.


can anyone point out where this is (reboot) in vSZ web interface?  tks

Which vSZ- E or H?  If an E, what version?

if it is an H version, there is no reload in the webui because of the nature of H means. Since it is geared towards MSPs, you do not necessarily want to reboot an entire controller or cluster when hosting multiple customers.

For E, it is under System - Cluster