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VsCG Mesh with T300

New Contributor II
HI All,

i am setting up my first Mesh due to cabling constraints , wanted to know if my AP NOT connected to the wire need to be configured statically for its IP settings? how would it otherwise get the dhcp info or even the master controller address?

i have provisioned the ap on the virtual smart zone controller in the cloud and the ap got its settings from dhcp and dns , however after i provisioned it in the mesh zone and i move the ap to its desired location it does not come up.

my laptop has 4 bars signal from the mesh Root point.

any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


New Contributor II
Hi Frekkie,
There are two things involved.
RAP --> Root AP that will connect to switch
MAP --> Mesh AP that will be your remote AP with no physical connectivity.

How to configure:
1. First configure AP zone with mesh enable with Mesh ESSID and Password.
2. Connect MAP with the physical network so that it can get all DHCP and DNS configuration. After controller push configuration and AP is up disconnect it and mount it at location where you want. 
3. Connect RAP and once its up you will be happy.

Other options are available in AP configurations in VSZ / ZD
1. Let controller decide which AP will act as RAP
2. you can manually set which AP to act as root / mesh.

Hope I answered your question.



New Contributor II
You will have to restore your AP to factory default if you decide to disable mesh in the future.
Also please configure a separate zone to be safe side and to avoid any mess in your wireless network.
Make APs member of that mesh enabled zone

New Contributor II
thank you , it worked , i just assumed the Auto Mesh means exactly that , however , i just needed to identify my root AP and then the Mesh ap as advised thank you very much