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Licene ZD 1200

New Contributor
Hello, I have the Rukus ad 1200, I would like to renew the licence support, but before that I need to know the difference between having a licence or not?

New Contributor III
Hello Adactim,

How many Accesspoint's you have deployed?? if it's less than 5, then you don't need to renew,else you have to renew your ZD license.


Hello Gowtham

So what will happen if i don't
FYI i have 8 AP

Only 5 Accesspoints will come online.. other 3 will be in offline only.. U have to renew license to make all AP's to come online.


well... there are two parts here
1) per AP lic for additional AP over and above 5 AP. Once bought, they remain permanent as long as u keep the hardware.
2) AMC/support pack for controller and its lic. this is optional. if you don't buy, box would be functional however no technical support, no advance replacement and software upgrade. Any problems, you are on ur own.