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Ruckus Zone Director handle failover

New Contributor III
I have two ruckus zone director wireless controllers with one on failover mode. So incase of failover will the SSIDs created on secondary/slave controller be created automatically on the primary/master controller as well?

Or it is the other way around?

Model = Ruckus ZD 

Please suggest!



RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Amar,

If you are using Ruckus Smart Redundancy then the two Zone Directors are peers, with one active and on in standby.  You should do all your configuration changes on the Active ZD and those changes will get automatically updated to the standby controller.

To always connect to the Active Controller you can use the Secondary "shared" management IP which is one IP that should always point to the active controller.  This IP must be on a VLAN that is connected to both controllers.

To make sure Access Points can connect to either controller they must be provisioned with both ZD's main (not management) IP.  The easiest way to do this is to use the limited ZD discovery option in Configuration::Access  Point policy page ... list both ZD IP's in this section and all connected AP's will be provisioned with both IP's.  If the Active ZD is not responding, the standby ZD should become active to AP heartbeats then the AP's will automatically try to connect to the newly Active ZD.

I hope this answers your question,