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Ruckus ZF7055 can not join ZD3000

New Contributor


I have Ruckus 7055 with standalone firmware
And my ZD300 firmware version is10.0.1.0 build 151.

I already reset 7055 to factory default, ssh to 7055 and give command set director ip x.x.x.x and then reboot, but looks like 7055 can no reach ZD3000, I can ping ZD3000 from inside 7055.

Any help would be appreciated.



New Contributor

Here is from support info on 7055


Name : RuckusAP

Tunnel/Sec Mode : L3 (Unknown) / Undecided


Join failure reason : No any ZD found (didn't rcv any discovery response)

Suggestion : if AP isn't standalone mode, check your network and ZoneDirector

Timer : Silent, expires in 17 secs HW/SW Version : / 

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @eko_budhi_harso , Could you please share the complete output. The AP enters in to SULKING state when it is unable to discover the zone director. AP discovers ZD using discovery request packets. If a discovery response is not received after sending the maximum number of discovery requests, the AP enters the Sulking state. 

In addition to above, could you please also share the following :-

1. get director

2. Do the AP and ZD communicate over a VPN tunnel? This is to rule out any MTU issues caused by tunnel overhead.

3. Could you please confirm if LWAPP (UDP 12222/12223) and SSH ports are allowed between the AP and the ZD?


Md. Dilshad Zafar | Sr TSE | RASZA | RACPA | RUCKUS Networks


Finally found the cause, the Wifi country code and zone director country code is different, no wonder they can not connect.



Hi @eko_budhi_harso ,

Thanks for the update. Yes, the country code on Controller and the AP needs to match as well. If your AP is not fixed-country code based, you can change it using "set countrycode xx" CLI command from AP.


Md. Dilshad Zafar | Sr TSE | RASZA | RACPA | RUCKUS Networks