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R720 : SSH "Network error: Connection Refused"

New Contributor

Hi All, 

I have been trying to access one of my AP (Ruckus R720), which before this was working fine. When I tried to SSH to said AP, it gave me this error ;

SSH  "Network error: Connection Refused"

And so, next step, I did a hard reset using the button, these are the steps that I did ;

Held the reset button down for 20 seconds.  
Red light blinks - I release the button after 30 seconds. 
Unit reboots, power is solid green ctrl is blinking green.
I see in my switch that the AP got IP.

My next step :

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused


Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=4ms TTL=63
Reply from bytes=32 time=5ms TTL=63
Reply from bytes=32 time=4ms TTL=63

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 3, Received = 3, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 4ms, Maximum = 5ms, Average = 4ms

Tried SSH again, failed. And the AP is Ping-able. 

SSID : Configure.Me-163690 is up. 

Can connect to the "Configure.Me-163690" SSID using serial number as password.

Since I didnt get any IP, I set my wifi AP to static to be same as the range of the AP. 

10.110.193.xx and tried to access the webui using the IP - Failed.

Tried again with different static IP range ; 192.168.0.xx and tried to access the webui using the IP - Failed.

Any way for me to access this AP? or to rectify this issue ?

Thank you in advance. 


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Rashid,

I think you have tried all the possible ways.

Just try one more thing before you decide to go for the AP replacement request.

  1. Factory reset the AP and make sure it is connected to an isolated network, means it should not get an IP address from the network.
  2. Connect a laptop directly to the AP after factory reset and try to access AP over it's default IP
  3. If still cant SSH, AP is faulty and you may need to get it replaced.

Syamantak Omer
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