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Where can I find the last (before end of life) firmware for MediaFlex 7811 ?

New Contributor II
Where can I find the last firmware (before end of life) file for MediaFlex 7811 ?

It's not on

And not on

I suppose it's a website issue but it's just "empty"

I'm stuck with an old firmware from 2008 and I'm guessing there was at least a few updates between 2008 and end of life in 2013 ...

Anyone can help ?

Valued Contributor
From the end of life pdf...

Last Possible Software Upgrade Date December 31, 2013
Last Possible Software Update Date December 31, 2014

bit confusing! Could read either way.

Suggest you start a support ticket and ask whether you can get link to last firmware

New Contributor II
Thanx, I will open a case for that 🙂

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello, if you manage these MediaFlex products with FlexMaster, use the 'M' version.

hi michael, i tried downloading from the links you have given but nothing happens - is there another link i can use to update the software? thanks, neil