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R550 MGMT IP and WLAN DHCP Pools

New Contributor II

I am wanting all my access points to get an IP from my DHCP Server which is being done at the switch level. I am using a /24 subnet, lets say 

On my vSZ I have a few DHCP Pools set up depending what WLAN the clients connect to. Lets say WLAN uses a 24, another WLAN uses a and the third uses a subnet.

I want the AP to get an IP in the range then give the clients the IP from the WLC based on the WLAN they connect to. 

I have my port on the switch untagged in the vlan and tagged on all others. I tried to make a DHCP profile, but its not working. This is what happens: The AP shows online on the switch and I can get the IP from the switch. It pings, but the controller says it is offline. I use Putty and connect to the R550 then do set scg ip and after a minute it shows as online in the controller. From here, I see the AP reboot 1-2x then it stops pinging and goes offline until I reset it to factory. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, any thoughts?