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Problem: The interaction between Brocade ICX-7250-48 and ONOS SDN controller does not work

New Contributor
Hello everybody,

are using a lot of Brocade ICX-7250 switches (SW-version: 08.0.80cT213) in our access area. Now we plan to migrate to an SDN environment. We tested ONOS (v1.14) as central SDN controller, where we identified two problems in interaction between Brocade ICX-7250-48 and ONOS:

1) Brocade ICX-7250 does not support flows with a priority of 40.000, which is the default priority for ONOS control flows (lldp, bddp etc.). This problem just could be fixed by adjust the ONOS source code and building it from scratch.

Does anyone know, which is the maximum accepted value for priority supported by ICX-7250?

Is there a plan to fix this constraint in newer firmware versions?

2) After fixing the priority problem, the OpenFlow connection works until the controller sends a OpenFlow Message from type "MULTIPART_REQUEST, OFMPM_FLOW" to collect meter information. The switch replies with a OpenFlow message "MULTIPARTY_REPLY", which is malformed. Immediately after this the connection will be closed. After this, the process begins from the beginning, again and again. The switch log shows the following entry:

Debug: November 12 10:27:33  Invalid controller id 1, Unable to find TCP

This behaviour is also posted in detail here (Google group).

Is there any workaround to fix this problem?

Is there a plan to fix this constraint in newer firmware versions?

Thank you in advance for any helpful information!



RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Andreas, 

Thank you for your question, as we have discussed, this situation requires of further investigation, hence, a new incident ticket has been opened for your support.

We're always pleased to help.

Support team.
With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support