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How do I assign a static IP address to 2 devices on my network?

New Contributor II
I have 2 devices on my network that I need to assign static IP addresses to but cannot in the devices themselves, so was wondering if there was to do this on the Zone Director or even the AP itself?

 I couldn't find an option in Zone Director to reserve an IP address against a MAC address for example. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Shailesh,

This option is not available on the ZD.

You have to reserve the IP address in your DHCP server.

- Anusha

New Contributor II
Hi Anusha,

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using ZD as the DHCP server, is there an option in there to reserve the IP address? I couldn't find it on the ZD.


Sorry, not a feature of the ZD DHCP server... designed to hand out an IP and give the AP it's contact info.

You can manually configure your APs to work in your network though...
if you assign some "reserved" IPs outside the scope of addresses given
out by your ZD (which will now only be for clients, right?).

Assign your PC an IP of 192.168.0.x (x = anything but AP's .1 address),
and connect with an Eth cable directly (or as only devices on PoE switch)
and you can SSH to a factory defaulted AP at address, using
super/sp-admin login credentials.

Assign your AP a static IP in your desired network, prior to connecting it there, ie.

   set ipaddr ip-address netmask gateway 

and then you can also assign your ZoneDirector, using this command:

   set director ip zd-ip-addr1 zd-ip-addr2  

with up to two ZoneDirectors in the AP's settings.  Issue a "reboot" after setting
these IP and ZD details, and you can then move your AP(s) to your LAN.