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Not getting IP from new SSID with new VLAN

New Contributor

Hello all,

I've been trying to set up new SSIDs with different VLANs but so far haven't had any luck.

My current set up is the following:

Router: Edger Router X

Switch: ICX7150-C12

AP: R510

I have created the VLANs (111,112) on my router with its DHCP pools. My router goes to port 1/1/1 on my switch and my two APs go to 1/1/4 and 1/1/6.

This is the setup on the switch...

vlan 1 name DEFAULT-VLAN by port

vlan 111 name test1 by port
tagged ethe 1/1/4 ethe 1/1/6
vlan 112 name test2 by port
tagged ethe 1/1/4 to 1/1/6

On the Ruckus management console, I have already created the SSIDs using its corresponding VLAN.

I'm confuse on how the tag/untag process works with Rukus. Any help on pointing me in the right direction will be appreciated.


RUCKUS Team Member


The AP will tag all the ingress traffic from clients with WLAN VLAN ID and forward it to br0/eth interface. The ethernet (uplink) port of the AP is by default configured as trunk port. So, you have to configure VLAN ID only on the WLAN profile.

Please follow the below steps to isolate the issue:

- Configure an access port VLAN 111 or 112 on the switch and connect a computer. Confirm if the computer gets an IP assigned from the VLAN. 

- Please share configuration of the port 1/1/1 (switch uplink). This port has to be trunk port.

New Contributor

Hi Kiran,

I've been posting answers to your questions but for some reason they keep getting deleted.

Any reason why that it is happening?

New Contributor

Hi Kiran,

Trying to upload the configuration for I don't know how many times now. Hopefully, this time it doesn't get deleted.

Here's the configuration for port 1/1/5 which is my uplink to the router now. 

Switch#sh int ethe1/1/5
GigabitEthernet1/1/5 is up, line protocol is up
Port up for 18 day(s) 9 hour(s) 45 minute(s) 16 second(s)
Hardware is GigabitEthernet, address is c0c5.20a9.59ed (bia c0c5.20a9.59ed)
Configured speed auto, actual 1Gbit, configured duplex fdx, actual fdx
Configured mdi mode AUTO, actual MDIX
PTP Feature Disabled
Tagged member of 3 L2 VLANs, untagged in VLAN 1, port state is FORWARDING
BPDU guard is Disabled, ROOT protect is Disabled, Designated protect is Disabled
Link Error Dampening is Disabled
STP configured to ON, priority is level0, mac-learning is enabled
MACsec is Disabled
Flow Control is config enabled, oper enabled, negotiation disabled
Mirror disabled, Monitor disabled
Mac-notification is disabled
VLAN-Mapping is disabled
Not member of any active trunks
Not member of any configured trunks
No port name
IPG MII 96 bits-time, IPG GMII 96 bits-time
MTU 1500 bytes
MMU Mode is Store-and-forward
300 second input rate: 1546936 bits/sec, 142 packets/sec, 0.15% utilization
300 second output rate: 68712 bits/sec, 31 packets/sec, 0.00% utilization
553499209 packets input, 754659889432 bytes, 0 no buffer
Received 128200 broadcasts, 1482 multicasts, 553369527 unicasts
0 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 1 ignored
0 runts, 0 giants
141352081 packets output, 56107930742 bytes, 0 underruns
Transmitted 1282958 broadcasts, 3904680 multicasts, 136164443 unicasts
0 output errors, 0 collisions
Relay Agent Information option: Disabled
Protected: No
MAC Port Security: Disabled

This port is not being monitored for queue drops
Egress queues:
Queue counters Queued packets Dropped Packets
0 134960147 0
1 0 0
2 1631 0
3 0 0
4 3173156 0
5 297282 0
6 0 0
7 2919867 0

New Contributor

@Kiran_Raval, I'm also running the device on switch mode. 
Any way to get some assistance?

Thank you