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NIC Ports on the AP's

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Looking to see if anyone has the answer to this? I have a R710 connected to a ZD1200 and I want to change the network ports on the AP one as trunk (which it is be default) and the other one an to an access port to set a native VLAN on the second for a camera. Doesn't seem to respond that way. Can't find any docs on this. Do the ports actually work in this manner? If it is configurable this should be no problem.



Hi there - I don't have a link to a document that says no. However, I asked the same question internally and was told no, it does not function that way.

Thank you I though I heard that also once before. 

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Community Admin


So you want AP uplink (connected to SW) as trunk and other port access with some VLAN, right?

This is possible!

By default, AP's trunk port has VLAN 1 as untagged and rest everything is tagged. All you need to do, configure the 2nd port as access port with desired VLAN.

If SW port has trunk configured with correct VLANs, your camera should get an IP.

Here is the online doc page explaining how to change AP eth port settings and VLAN setting.

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Thanks but I tried this way before posting and it does not work.