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Multi ISP setup and available options

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My company is expanding a bit and getting some extra access points like R710.
Main idea is that we have 2 ISP one used by guest wifi AP's and another one is internal network IP used bu other AP's. We are planning to get some extra AP's R710 and run guest & internal wifi on one AP. If that is possible?
Some more details:
Internal network will get IP from DHCP server
Guest network will get IP from AP DHCP server
Both networks is totally segregated

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If that is configurable there is second challenge. On the guest wifi network we have some users using PPTP VPN and Ruckus AP in standalone mode can support only one client at the same time, if we would get a zonedirector 1200 would that be the able to help us and still keep existing configuration?

Many thanks,

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your plan to have internal Wifi to use ISP 1 and guest WiFi to use ISP 2 is not doable as AP's ethernets port are in bridged mode and what is possible that you can use "one ISP" in total and configure two WLAN's. 1) internal wifi to use your internal network DHCP and 2) guest wifi to use AP dhcp. You need this part..

If you still want to try this then you need to have L3 managed switch or firewall which can let you make VLAN and then you can tag the created VLAN on respective WLAN's which will segment your network in a way you have thought.

In simple words, there is work to do and you can achieve this without controller..

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Agreed with Monnat Systems. Generally speaking the solution will involve two VLANs and using the Ruckus AP's to assign an SSID to a VLAN. Beyond that, you can either use a firewall or UTM gateway solution that supports dual WAN links and assigning traffic to a WAN, or basically run them as two separate networks, each VLAN having its own DHCP server / NAT router.

None of this functionality requires a ZD, and based off what you said, it does not sound like a controller adds much value to achieving your goals. Most of your requirements are upstream of your wireless setup and more pertain to the rest of the wired segment of the network.

P.S. As far as your PPTP VPN question.... Supporting multiple PPTP VPN clients behind a NAT is a relatively challenging problem to solve, and you really want to talk to your firewall / NAT gateway provider about that, or choose one that is advertised to support this functionality. If you are currently using Ruckus APs as your NAT router, it will not support VPN editing. Ruckus products can perform quick-and-simple NAT functionality, but this requirement is beyond the scope of what it's meant to do.

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Thank you very much, it helped a lot! 

So 2 ports on the AP has not much of help for me because VLAN ca nbe done with just one port. Would I be able to trunk 2 ports to double the bandwidth at least?


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If your switch supports it, you can still use LACP to trunk the two ports for greater bandwidth, though be aware that LACP isn't exactly a flat out doubling of bandwidth and only certain traffic patterns would benefit from LACP, so it may be more trouble than it's worth.

Ruckus AP's support tagged VLANs so you as long as you configure your switch to make AP ports trunk ports (or something to that effect) you can have one cable do it all.

(LACP does not allow for a single connection to push 2gbit, so unless you have 4x4 clients with really good signal or expect high throughput on 2.4GHz in your environment together with high 5GHz throughput, LACP might not do much for you other than add more switch issues to debug)