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ICX 7150 switch disappears from Unleashed on reboot

New Contributor III

I have one ICX 7150-C12P switch that is connected to my R650 APs. The C2 port is connected to my router (pfSense). The C1 port is connected to a second ICX 7150-C12P at the second switch's C2 port.

Firmware is up to date on both 650R's and I'm running version 09010b on both switches (the sps firmware, not the spr firmware). 

The first swtich (directly connected to the access points) always shows up in Unleashed, even after the firmware update. The second switch (which is connected to the first switch via the C ports) will ONLY show up in Unleashed after I do a factory reset. As soon as I restart the second switch (via CLI, pulling the power, etc), it never returns to Unleashed. Unleashed always shows it as "connecting", but it never does.

I've reset the offending switch via CLI, the reset button, flashing firmware, etc. The behavior Is always the same. I'm able to access both switches via their ip address (DHCP static lease). 

I'd really appreaciate any help. 

- Garrett


Hi Garrett,

What is the Unleashed firmware and is your switch on same subnet as Unleashed or different VLAN?

Syamantak Omer
Official Rep | Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

No VLANs, just a single network until I can get this resolved. Presently, everything is running on My router is DHCP-ing everything, and I've given the router, both switches, and both access points static leases.

I allowed Unleashed to configure both switches after a factory reset. The first switch (where the APs are directly plugged in) shows up fine. The second, connected via the C1 and C2 ports, is the one that won't recorrect in Unleashed.


Firmware for both switches is 09.0.10bT211
Firmware for the R650s is

- Garrett

New Contributor III

I still haven't gotten any traction on this.. Does anyone have any ideas? 

- Garrett