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ICX 7150-48ZP: Is there a cost to upgrade the license from 2X10G to 8X10GR?

New Contributor II

Hello, I bought a second-hand RUCKUS CX 7150-48ZP Switch.
My current License is:

ICX7150-48ZP Switch#show license
Unit License Name L3 Premium Port Speed Upgrade Speed Ports MACsec
1 2X10G No Yes 10G 2 NA

In show version info appears:
Software Package: BASE_SOFT_PACKAGE
Current License: 2X10G

I have seen that it is possible to upgrade from 2x10G to 8x10GR

Through the command:

ICX7150-48ZP Switch# license install perpetual 1 8X10GR

Is this update FREE? or do I need to PURCHASE an ADDITIONAL LICENSE?

As I see in the manuals it is PERPETUAL, I understand that it is FREE.

But when I execute the command I get a message that the Licenses have a trial duration of 45 DAYS.

The information is not clear to me.

It's free? o Do I need to PAY to use the LICENSE PERMANENTLY?

Thanks in advance.