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Firmware Check site is down ?

New Contributor III

It seems that the Unleashed "firmware check" OTA site is down or something ? (error message shown when the "upgrade" button is pressed )

Image_ images_messages_60783eb503bbdd3341386142_33ea0167bf260c9bff2ddb29228f5331_20210415_212001-d40fd7f6-58a8-4957-af3d-95b4d84366dd-806489453.png


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi George,

When Clicking upgrade it is downloading and upgrading OTA from Ruckus site.  See the below screenshots and try again.

Image_ images_messages_6078727910fddf6912f67b9b_72051ddfe9aed07b92915c2d42076052_unleashed-b17ce628-693e-4ad3-8d4e-8df5f815ec8e-1992647490.png

Finally with message "The new firmware has been successfully downloaded. Please click the Reboot button to finish upgrade."

Image_ images_messages_6078727910fddf6912f67b9b_7b7de015d1e0d923c0a7dcd4ca16b132_unleashed-dd3dad89-e4bb-4f30-9a87-0256d8f727c1-1992647490.png


Hi, karthik:  when click "Upgrade" in the side bar, it doesn't show my current version, it shows "no available versions" instead.

Image_ images_messages_60787d5b6925f22ef568a1a5_67d8c6e5da468c913f7458529468a40b_20210416_013653-8e2f2cdf-87cd-4478-8f01-c44d4fe7b863-1661489098.png

when click "Check for Updates" it pops up a error message 

Image_ images_messages_60787d5b6925f22ef568a1a5_6eaab157d00357ec5c3aa6f2667534f3_20210416_013949-9b406fbe-c901-4763-8458-962d957323c8-977933920.png

I think the logic here should be "it doesn't get current installed firmware version" in the first place, so it can't compare the version between both side to determine if newer version available, then the warning message pops up.

so the problem should be why it can't get current firmware version that used to be showing. weird .... 

Valued Contributor II

What model of AP you have? Is it supported with latest Unleashed firmware?

If yes, than try download the latest firmware and upgrade locally, this may fix and issue.