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Downgrade T310S

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I want to Downgrade a T310S to allow control by a Zone Director...


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I am trying to Adopt a T310 into an existing Zone Director 1200 network. The Zone Director sees it as a Rogue AP.

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Adopt T310

Please, publish firmware versions you have on Zd and T310 AP to get help.

It is a very bad practice to ask questions without providing necessary information for meaningful answer to be possible.

To adopt T310 AP, ZD must have firmware supporting T310 APs and at least 1 free license, as well AP must have standalone or ZD  image with service enabled. Too different firmware version may cause issues, vSZ firmware on AP will prevent it joining ZD. ZD also must reside on the same network with AP using DHCP, or some provisioning has to be done (manual,  using DHCP option 43 or through DNS). In any case AP must be able to communicate with ZD.

If there are no messages in ZD event log about T310, except as rogue, it most probably means that you have some incompatible version or LWAPP service disabled, and AP event doesn't try to contact ZD.

So I recommend:

1. check AP connection (at least ping ZF from AP)

2. make sure firmware versions on AP and ZD are compatible, change firmware if necessary

3. Check that Zd has a free license (disconnect some AP if there are no free licenses)

4. Reset AP to factory

5. Check that LWAPP service is enabled

6. Make AP provisioning manually with ZD  AP (from SSH connection).

7. Check ZD logs for AP connection attempts.

It should exclude most common issues.

Hi Robert,

I think this is already being discussed under another thread. 

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Hi Robert,

Since t310S are supported till the latest available ZD version you just need to perform a f/d on the AP if it is on vSZ code or an very older ZD code and upload and flash latest solo image from below link. Once the AP is on solo image you can connect it to ZD to be managed.[Software%20Downloads]&f:@commonproducts=[T310s]

Best Regards