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Can we subscribe to the Announcements category for email updates?

New Contributor II
As a VAR, we struggle to keep up with all the new firmware versions for the various APs, controllers, etc. The Announcements section of this forum is great for that, but we'd like to be notified via email whenever something is posted there. Is there any way to subscribe for email notifications when new posts are made in the Announcements section?

Valued Contributor
sign in with your ruckus login and "follow" (big orange button at top) a category on the forum and new topics in that category will be sent to your primary email.

Or go into your profile and in email preferences choose to have all new topics emailed

to you.Image_ images_messages_5f91c42e135b77e2479a686e_093a8a084ad856d6d2412db731d91efe_RackMultipart201611091209321ye-b1cc2412-49a9-4d85-a293-1561f0524ad3-2124852937.jpg1478714245

New Contributor II
Maybe I'm just dense, but when I view the Announcements category, I don't see the orange Follow button. I only see that when viewing a specific topic/thread. I really don't want notification on ALL topics, just the announcement category.
Here's what I'm seeing when viewing the category:

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Travis,

     I post Announcements relative to the Forum Category, and subscribers to the Category(s) receive

emails with each new post, be it a question/answer or new firmware announcement.  New firmware

announcements will all begin with a capitalized "Announcement: xxxx" to draw your attention, but

we do not have a general "Announcements" category. 

    But I can see that the admin of the Partner Portal, shares our Support Portal announcements

there too, for VARs like yourselves.

Valued Contributor II
It's also worth noting that's various sections all have RSS feeds associated with them. They weren't working for a while, but lately they seem to work well with most RSS readers. I know RSS readers are a dying breed, but there are a couple services that can convert RSS feeds into email notifications.