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Adding more RAM in vSZ for enhancement of performance

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Current Specs of the VM (virtual smartzone)

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can anyone help me how many users do 1GB of RAM can accommodate? sometimes the vSZ is experiencing "out of service" and the utilization is high. The vSZ is being used in a University most of the users accessing the APs are students.

Thank you.

Not sure what you were using before. But at least out of the box this would not be a supported hypervisor. Do you have any way to see how heavily loaded the base hypervisor is? Like how much CPU / ram / disk io is being used ?

Its likely that HCI is using kvm underneath but from what I remember it's only officially supported on KVM with centos.

You're not using a virtual datapath aren't you?

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Should be using what the release notes show in the required resources tables. If you are still having problems with that level of resources, you could look into a clustered environment. As long as you don't use some features, no additional charge for adding another node (I believe).