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AAA radius setup for mac Auth.

New Contributor
Hi i am trying to setup a standalone 2008r2 server which has AD, NPS(and radius) installed, so that i can use it as an AAA server to authenticate the mac addresses of clients. The server will have no access to the internet and is purely for mac authentication.

So far i have setup AD with the mac address of a test machine and added it to a group (Macauth), and added an NPS policy for that mac address allowing members of the AD group, setup to allow acccess and using chap and peap(eap).
What i cant do is:
1. test using the test button on Ruckus - it fails with invalid username/password - im not totally confident it is doing anything.
2. set the already configured WLAN to use the new AAA server, it allows me to click on the OK button, but it just greys' it out.
i have been vaguely following this link: http://forums-archive.ruckuswireless.... however my clients wont be using certs, and nor will they be getting any kind of internet access through the radius server.

If anyone has setup this before especially using NPS/2008r2 and has some advice/tips that would be great, as im now banging my head against a wall!