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26 Millions of MAP and eMAP messages on the Event Log

New Contributor II
SZ100 logging a lot of eMAP and MAP events, connect and disconnect.
Why it's so unstable?

Esteemed Contributor II
By definition, an eMAP is a Mesh AP that has an Eth connection to another Mesh AP who's uplink is towards the def-gateway.
Could you have accidently connected an Eth cable between two APs that are meant to be Mesh only?

In fact, all my access points are connected by cable, what I am trying to do is to use the mesh topology as a secondary path.
I would like to know what the access point preference is, I configured Auto mesh on it and even connected all my aps with ether cable I hoped it would only change to MAP if the ether had stopped

Hm, your assumptions are correct.  If all your APs have an Eth cable path back to def-gw for the LAN the controller is on, you should not see "eMAP" messages...Can you identify any "set" of APs having this issue, or do you see it over all your topology (meaning could it be a network bottleneck or other)?