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Problem with Specific WLAN after power outage

New Contributor

We have consistent power outages at one of our clients. Everything is behind surge protectors, but we have a specific issue that I'm scratching my head over.

We have 5 r500s across a small campus. After a power outage last night I get a call that some of the wireless ssid weren't working. Turns out the WLAN on one of our Access points is not giving out IP Addresses.  The WLAN works fine on our other Access points.

It is on VLAN 16. We have another WLAN with exact same settings on the same access point also on VLAN 16 but it is not having issues.  The WLAN is set to WPA2 aes. Setting a static gives me internet connectivity. I can ping the Access point from the controller and virtually anywhere else on the network.

First thing tomorrow, I will probably try recreating the ssid and see if that does anything. Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments for me to try tomorrow?


Esteemed Contributor II
Sorry, doesn't make a lot of sense.  Try plugging a PC into VLAN 16 port on both switches the APs are connected to, might help troubleshoot DHCP.  OTW, is the DHCP server overwhelmed after coming back from a power outage?