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Unable to download RUKUS Cloudpath app on New Android/ Google Pixel Devices

New Contributor

Unfortunately this app is required to access internet at my university....

My friend with a Google Pixel 7 Pro is unable to download any non 64-bit apps. In knowing Google/ Google Play to have made it abundantly clear that they are/were transitioning to Solely 64-bit support is there any effort to ammend this issue?

The location of the school is remote enough that there is NO SERVICE on most of campus without connecting to the internet and work arounds involve being connected to the university's poor quality open network which is a very disapointing suggestion. 

My phone is starting to go out and I would like to get a new android, however, knowing that there is the chance of not having wifi at my school is preventing me from this. And obviously I have zero desire to pursue an apple product...

This cannot just be a permenant problem? There has to be some solution....

Does anyone have an insight or similar experiences/ solutions? Thank you in advance!!!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @ChRay 

Cloudpath new app was released on 17th July 2023  have fixed the issue with Android 13 devices.
Let us know if you are still observing the issue.

Vijay Kuniyal

Staff Technical Support Engineer

CCNA RnS | CCNA Wireless | CWNA | RASZA | Meraki CMNO | RACPA