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Severe flaw in WPA2 - cracked

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Regarding 7731: So there goes an otherwise fully functional, still going strong, work horse bridge between our two offices? Discontinued product = no patch?



The 7731 has reached End of Sale but has NOT reached the End of Software Development.  Ruckus owes us a patch for the 7731's.

I would like an update on this for the 7731 as well. The Security Advisory only mentions a patch for the P300, nothing about the 7731. 

They've updated the bulletin to include the 7731. No date set for the fix but it is on the list.

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Open-Mesh announced they will have a firmware upgrade this afternoon (10/17/2017). Open-Mesh, the product which gives a you free lifetime license for their cloud controller, you just need to purchase the hardware. Not sure why it's taking Ruckus so long.