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Cloudpath capabilities (ask before you buy!)

New Contributor


I've never used Ruckus before, so I am just guessing and asking, but what would be the easier way to manage users WIFI onboarding  in Ruckus world? Nice to know before purchasing Ruckus appliances.

Ideally, we'd want to keep SSID number as low as possible and manage passwords so it's easy for guests to join, and it's easier for admins to manage security when a staff member leaves the school, without requiring all users to change passwords.

Google or MS SSO looked like an easy option for this, apparently Cloudpath can help, but I have no experience with Ruckus stuff.


- Assign WIFI users to specific VLANs depending on a sort of ACLs or groups of users
- Manage the minimum number of SSIDs
- Easy onboarding
- Avoid explicit password uses, to easily block former users

Possible VLANs:

  • Network/admin
  • Servers
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Guests
  • Video Surveillance
  • Video E-learning
  • Printers
  • IoT

I have watched a Cloudpath video introduction which only lists features without entering in-depth details, which shows that cloudpath onboarding requires installing a certificate on devices: as for this, I also wonder if this can interfere with other certificates which might be required (for instance on Chromebooks) in order to allow HTTP/SSL traffic inspection.....

Any experience on this matter?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello, And thank you for your inquiry. Can I get your Company name and / or location so I can direct you to the appropriate person for your area? I manage Cloudpath but need to involve the rep for your area.

Lola Barnett

Operations Analyst - Cloudpath WW

Ruckus Networks

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