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Cloudpath Enrolment system on-cloud and image

New Contributor II

Hello everyone,

My company recently decided to go ahead to the Ruckus Wifi environment. Licensed bought. Account created. What I meant is we received the activation code and activated to create the accounts. 

I have a few questions regarding what to do next. Sorry that I have plenty of unknown on my mind now. 

I can login to the Ruckus environment through this URL. 

I can see the license information in the portal. Is that the only one portal that we have to take care of from now on? Do I need to download the OVA image from Ruckus? "Cloudpath CP_ES Security Release 5.12 (GA) (VMware 6.5+ .SHA512.ova)" I tried to download this image file but it says it is "That file is only available to Premium Support users."

Can I start working on deploying the APs?