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Cloudpath Enrolment system on-cloud and image

New Contributor II

Hello everyone,

My company recently decided to go ahead to the Ruckus Wifi environment. Licensed bought. Account created. What I meant is we received the activation code and activated to create the accounts. 

I have a few questions regarding what to do next. Sorry that I have plenty of unknown on my mind now. 

I can login to the Ruckus environment through this URL. 

I can see the license information in the portal. Is that the only one portal that we have to take care of from now on? Do I need to download the OVA image from Ruckus? "Cloudpath CP_ES Security Release 5.12 (GA) (VMware 6.5+ .SHA512.ova)" I tried to download this image file but it says it is "That file is only available to Premium Support users."

Can I start working on deploying the APs? 




New Contributor III

Hi Timothy, I would highly recommend you contact support (if you havent done so already) for some assistance.  It does look like you have purchased 300 licenses for the RUCKUS hosted version of Cloudpath (  If you want a VM instead to host locally; that is a different SKU and your RUCKUS Rep can help you with that (support can also point you in the right direction for assistance).  That being said, you can absolutely start deploying your APs, but I am hoping that you have a controller (RUCKUS.Cloud, or SZ available).

Cloudpath is not a controller for APs, switches etc... it is for onboarding end user devices.