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vSPoT 3.1.3 Rolling update not available

New Contributor II
Upgrading vSPoT to (or trying to), the documentation is incorrect.

1st - The Release note header says "SmartCell InsightTM Version 2.2 Release Notes" where the document says "Upgrading to a New Version Rolling Upgrade for vSPoT 3.0 to 3.x.x" in Release Note for SPoT 4.1 and vSPoT Release 3.1, 800-71390-001 Rev A

2nd- from Page 42 refers to vSPoT app 3.1.3-1073.tar.bz2, can't locate this anywhere.

So where do we find the rolling update from 3.0.0 to 3.1.3?

Valued Contributor
Hi Wayne
Thank you for letting us know, I will check this out.


Valued Contributor

I checked the support site .

I had to look twice before i saw what you mean with the SCI 2.2 in the header.
Will will get this fixed on Monday.

On item 2, the location of 3.1.3 software its on the site.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c42a135b77e2479993c8_03967d2d02357aa190da0c0e2a4c40a7_RackMultipart2016102310840014h-405651dd-35f6-4a72-9fba-bed286995e17-1064075508.png1477212085

If you still cannot find it, please let me know and i will contact you outside of this forum.

Kind regards

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Wayne, Martin,

   Please clarify further, as I'm not sure what is incorrect?  Did you say the vSPoT 3.1 Release Notes,

   ... has an SCI 2.2 header in the document?  Can you please check again today, as our tech-pubs
may have updated the file?  For example, between pages 6-7, I see correct SPoT 4.1 and vSPoT 3.1

Image_ images_messages_5f91c42a135b77e247999ffe_e7613f946afa1d6fdbb0bd1ddb0c2320_139571ael7y6_inline-f64aa0e7-c714-41e9-b824-51911a330ef1-1201136348.png1477341967

And the official vSPoT firmware filename is vSPoT-3.1.3-build-725.tar.


New Contributor II
Hi Martin and Michael, thank you for the feedback and apologies for my delay in response.
I still can't find the rolling update software referred to in the release notes.
The release note is now correct, for SPoT-4-1 and vSPoT 3-1-release notes-revA-20161013.pdf
Release Note for SPoT 4.1 and vSPoT Release 3.1, 800-71390-001 Rev A

On page 42 it refers to the rolling update from 3.0 to 3.1 

"Rolling Upgrade for vSPoT 3.0 to 3.x.x The rolling upgrade functionality provides a simplified and faster application upgrade procedure for an existing vSPoT deployment. This feature removes the need for any post-configuration steps. For example, IP address or NTP server configuration for a vSPoT upgrade."

And then page 42 refers to 3.1.3

"3 Obtain the download URL for the vSPoT application bundle from the Ruckus support website by navigating to a Login in with your user credentials (login name and password) b Navigate to vSPoT download section to locate the application bundle image, for example vSPoT 3.1.3 (GA) Rolling Update Software."

And then page 43 shows 2.4.4, yet the text refers to 3.1.3

"admin@vspotappliance:~$ wget ''"

But no 3.1.3 rolling update exists on the support site, and I've just re-checked, the actual full version of 3.1.3 yes, but not the rolling update, and you can't use the full image for upgrade, I tried.

If you can point me to the vSPoT 3.1.3 Rolling Upgrade
and not vSPoT 3.1 (GA) Software Release
and not vSPoT 2.4.4 (GA) Rolling Upgrade Software

I'm looking for 3.1.3 Rolling Upgrade, as per the release notes 3.1.3-1037