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bonjour gateway for clickshare discovery

New Contributor III
Hello everybody, we try to configure a bonjour gateway service on our wifi for running the clickshare discovery from the cllickshare app in enterprise mode. So we have wireless clients with clickshare app in an SSID and the clickshare base in an other VLAN/LAN. We configured the bonjour gateway for AP site on our ZD because the VLANs breakout is local on APs.
We created an service udp 1900 for clickshare discovery and added it for testing to one of our APs where the client is connected. The VLAN where the clickshare base is in is also on the AP trunk port and we also created an SSID for the clickshare base VLAN, but the base is connected to LAN. Finally this does not work, the clickshare app discovery fails.
If anyone has an idea or experience with this issue please help us. Thanks a lot in advance!

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   Can you get a sniffer trace of a client using the application to determine what ports/protocols it's using?I don't find anything on the internet and have never heard of "clickshare" before, sorry.

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I have a similar issue here:

The response from Ruckus support is:

"The Bonjour configuration should be 2 way. If the communication is between Vlan 2 and Vlan 3. Their should be 2 entries which I already see on your configuration. We will not be able to configure Bonjour based on port. As the traffic used for communication is multicast."

The ClickShare ports used are:

Somehow we have to translate these ClickShare Ports into service names in the Ruckus Bonjour Gateway config...

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Hi, thanks for your replies. Our sniffing result is that mDMS multicast Port 5353 UDP is used for discovery. This is also written in Barco Clickshare documentation. I also tried the 2 way configuration but for the port, i do not know the correct service name. Also i can only activate one bonjour gateway on AP. I thought i have to use the AP bonjour gateway and not the ZD gateway because the traffic is breaking out local on the AP VLAN and not tunneled to ZD. Otherwise the bonjour gateway on ZD also not worked for me. Did you get an response for the correct service name? 


I'm pretty sure that we don't have a pre-defined Clickshare service, and you will need to define one, with ports in both directions (thanks Benjamin) from your respective VLANs. 
That might work thru our Bonjour Gateway.  If the WLANs are not Tunneled to your controller/dataplane, you would apply your rules at the APs.

How can we define ports? I only see pre-defined names (no port info) in a dropdown list.

Are the posts for these pre-defined names available in the documentation anywhere?

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