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vSpot Push Api not connecting nor receiving any MQTT messages

New Contributor II

I'm trying to receive messages from vSpot push API using a code implementation written in Node.js, as you could see in the screenshot below:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c402135b77e247918559_75b32cdcf09f0552aa261344d14c2b23_RackMultipart20191001104179kxk-ed083c6c-88ec-474c-b665-2fd40ae7e3eb-1670108447.png1569959751

My implementation never connects and always triggers the "reconnect", "offine" and "close" events.

I'm using the plain password shown in the Venue config of vSpot dashboard, that, in my case is "12345678". Does that password needs to be encoded in some kind of format?

I tried also this tutorial:, configuring a mosquitto_bridge.conf and i can connect but i'm not receiving any messages.
I only have one Ruckus Ap in my setup, could the problem me related to this? Do i need to have at least 3 Ruckus Access Points to get this working?