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What happened to Zapper and SWAT apps for iPad?

New Contributor II
Tried to find Zapper for iPad in App Store --> nothing there.
Tried to find any info in Mobile Apps in the Products section on Ruckus website --> everything related to it and SWAT is deleted.

Why is it? What should I do now?
Is there are plans to integrate it in SWIPE or ZD Remote?

Amit, If you are going to discontinue SWAT then what is your recommended alternative so we can do an onsite survey?  We feel this is a very important step before we quote the customer.  Without a site survey measuring actual performance we cannot have confidence in our proposed solution.

We're a new Ruckus end user and I'd like to know what we should be using for site surveys. If not the SWAT app, then I guess I've got NetSpot. 

Dear David and Marc,
I could recommend you getting TamoGraph for Site Surveys. It's the least inexpensive but very powerful tool for site surveys. 
You could even use promo code DIVDYN20 for getting additional 20% off list price. Used it for more than a year. Could highly recommend it!

New Contributor II
What are you doing? It's been tools for sales!

New Contributor II
Return zapper!