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Confused about all the ruckus hardware compatibility (SPoT)

New Contributor
I remember seeing a chart somewhere that listed hardware and compatibility... but can't seem to find it anymore.

Anyway, im new to ruckus ,ive only worked with cisco WLC, and Ubiquity previously. 

Question 1 :  I want to achieve SPoT , from what im reading i will NEED a zone director controller or a Smart Zone controller. am i correct?

Or do i just need a SPoT appliance (virtual or cloud), and then connect my AP to it?

Question 2 : Does it make a difference if the AP i want to use for SPoT has Ruckus unleashed or not?

Thank you,

New Contributor III
Question 1: Yes, you will need either a Zone Director or a version of a Smart Zone controller, such as the SZ-100 or virtualized version (vSZ-E / vSZ-H). 

SPoT can be virtual or cloud-based, but you still need the controller.

Question 2: See answer to question 1. If the AP you want to use has Unleashed code on it, you can flash the AP to code appropriate for the controller you chose.