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Announcement: SpeedFlex Mobile App for iOS and Android patch release

Esteemed Contributor II
Congratulations to Ruckus MobileApps Team, as we welcome a new update to SpeedFlex

for Apple iOS v2.0.11.1 andAndroid v2.0.8.2.  I’ve posted the newRelease Notes and

pointers to respective App Storelinks for thefirmware on our Ruckus Support portal. 

Please feelfree to share these URLs with your Partnersand Customers who are using

our WiFi Analysis tools. 


SpeedFlex for Apple iOS –v2.0.11.1 Refresh Release Notes:


SpeedFlex for Apple iOS –v2.0.11.1 Refresh Software Release: Apple iTunes Store


SpeedFlex for Android – v2.0.8.2Refresh Release Notes:


SpeedFlex for Android – v2.0.8.2Refresh Software Release:  Google Play Store, SlideMe Store


See all Mobile Apps latestrelease details on our Corporate website link:

New Contributor II
No suppprt for iOS 11 / iPhoneX the screen does not seem to resize correctly