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Mobile App for Unleashed

Contributor II
Mobile app for Unleashed was released nearly a month ago for both iOS and Android platforms. Has anyone tried it yet? Which features you use mostly with Unleashed Mobile App? and what would you like to see in the future? 

Have you tried installing Unleashed using Mobile App? If so, was it easy enough or were you stuck on something? 

Your feedback will help us to make it better which will eventually help you. So, pl take a moment to reply. I truly appreciate all your feedback. 


Esteemed Contributor II
Unleashed Mobile App in this version is primarily for new network setup. 
Future enhancements will include more admin features.

Oh...  Hi Nat!   (Product Line Manager)

New Contributor
yes i did. Have 3 SSID's in different VLAN's of which 1 facebook wifi for guests.
figured out that as soon as start to make changes using the app (regardsless what change it is) it changes the vlan back to vlan 1. Since you can't change vlan's using the app you don't find out until your users start complaining. My conclusion: you can't trust the app for making only these changes that you want it to make. If you have to use it, be really rally carefull.