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Announcement: Ruckus SpeedFlex for Android 4.1+

Esteemed Contributor II

The long-awaited Android 4.1+ version of Ruckus Speedflex wireless performance tool *WILL SOON BE* available on the Google Playstore:

The new Ruckus SpeedFlex for Android 4.1+ User Guide *WILL BE POSTED* under product Documentation:


Esteemed Contributor II
Today, we've posted the new SpeedFlex Android 4.1+ User Guide, available for download under Mobile Apps:

It contains an embedded link to
the Google Store, due to a search issue with Android Lolipop*.

*It was found that Android
Lolipop 5.1.1+ searching Google Store for ‘Ruckus’ or ‘Ruckus Wireless’

did not find SpeedFlex, and
required ‘Ruckus SpeedFlex’ to get a return link.

Try it if your wifi engineers/planners/testers have Android devices.

1. Supported Devices

This release has been tested on the following

Nexus 4” & 5” phones (LG)

Nexus 7” tablet

Samsung S5

2. Supported OS

This release has been tested on the following OSs:

Android OS v4.1 and above

3. New Supported Features

This release includes the following features:

New and Improved screen design!

Select destination from a list of recent IP or Nearby
APs in the network

Instantaneous graph of throughput

Share results to Social Networks

Share application logs for troubleshooting.

4. Software     

Download available from the Google Play store:


Valued Contributor II
fyi -- my speedflex app on Android 4.4 got auto updated and am able to see new GUI.

yet to use it in field yet, will post feedback soon.