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Is it possible to get the .apk files for the Android apps?

New Contributor
Is it possible for you to provide the .apk files for the SpeedFlex and SWAT Android apps? Maybe in the support downloads area?

Some people can't/won't use Google Play and the Play store often imposes artificial version/device restrictions anyway, it would be good to have the actual APK files.

Valued Contributor II
We're noodling on this. There are obvious downsides (no good way to avoid conflicts, unsupported platforms, etc) but in areas where Play is blocked or otherwise not used, it's definitely an issue.

New Contributor

Yes, it would be really great to be able to get .apk files. It is more comfortable for me to work with such files; however I am not sure whether it causes illegal access to these files among cheater users. I read at this website that Russian pirates can place almost any files (even those with strongly limited access) in the Internet.