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Install Speed flex in Android 4.3 device

New Contributor II

I'm trying to install Speed flex in a device with Android 4.3, I try to search using the Google Play but I can't find it.

then I decided to go to the ruckus web page and from there try to install it, when I try to install it say that the device is not compatible with the app. 

I already have the ZD Remotee app installed , so why can't I install the speed Flex?

Can you help?




Esteemed Contributor II

I don't have an Android, but Google appears to have our Speedflex App in their store: 

Requires Android 3.1 and up, has between 10k and 50k installs.

Do you still have problems finding it?

Esteemed Contributor II
An update on Android and Speedflex in the Google Playstore.  We've had reports from users with Lollipop (5.x) not seeing the App, while KitKat (4.4.3) finds it fine.

This appears to be a 'search' issue.  If searching 'Ruckus' or 'Ruckus Wireless', Speedflex doesn't show up, but search 'Ruckus Speedflex' specifically, and it does.