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Announcement: Cloud Hosted SPoT 3.4.3 and vSPoT 2.4.3 are now Available (and for AWS)

Esteemed Contributor II
Engineering added an additional bug fix to resolve Venue ID when vSPoT has no Internet
connection, and issued a minor release SPoT 3.4.3 and vSPoT 2.4.3.

Updated Release Notes and Firmware links are available at these URLs.

SPoT 3.4.3 and vSPoT 2.4.3 Release Notes:


SPoT 3.4.3 and vSPoT 2.4.3 User Guide:


SPoT 3.4.3 Quick Start Guide:


SPoT 3.4.3 FAQ:


vSPoT 2.4.3 Vbox and ESXi image:


Additionally, vSPoT 3.4.3 includes an AWS Cloudformation Designer template, that can

be copy/pasted during vSPoT installation on Amazon Web Services cloud platform.