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Announcement: Cloud hosted SPoT 3.0 and vSPoT 2.0 are posted on Support

Esteemed Contributor II
The latest firmware of Ruckus SmartPositioning Technology (SPoT), Cloud Hosted v3.0 and Virtual SPoT v2.0,

have been posted to Support with accompanying Release Notes, Quick Start Guide, Frequently Asked Questions,

vSPoT Installation, and User Guides.

This release includes support for H500, R300, R500, R600, R700, R710, T300 series, in addition to legacy APs

also listed in the Release Notes.

Contributor III
I assume this is targeted at carriers and priced out of reach of most enterprises.
It doesn't run on ZoneDirectors, right?
If you don't want a cloudy solution, what hardware is required, and at what cost?

New Contributor
There definitely should be indicated what hardware is used and what actual firmware will be considered. As a lot of release notes show different subscriptions, like Do My Homework For Money Net or some others.