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Zone director 1200 licence transfer standby /master mode


We have a  pair of ZD1200  in fall over mode with a total of 22 licenses.

One of the ZD1200 had recently had the  reboot death problem, in that it will not reliably always come back on.

But it is still hanging in there.

The VAR said it was required to replace it, which was done , so now we have 3.

We want to move the licenses out of  of teh old failing unit into the new unit.

Which technically speaking is covered under a support contract since it was purchased new.

how do the licenses move?, it is just enough to make the new unit the "main" and the old one the "standby" will transfer the licenses to the live unit ? (if they can bot see each other & are functioning enough to deal with the hand over)

so basically  2 old units, make the  fully functional one, into master, remove the standby (partially defective)

introduce the brand new unit  make it the standby to config it, then make it the master to move the licence to the golden unit.

A= current license holder , slightly defective on reboot

B=current standby










RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @itdept_head_me,

Yes you will be able to transfer AP license from the old ZD to the new ZD, I would suggest you to transfer the license on B unit, which is working as of now and will be part of the new redundancy setup,  once you remove the faulty unit A from the redundancy or disable redundancy, B unit will still hold the license and APs will stay connected to ZD.

- Once unit A is removed, you can add C unit to the setup, B will be the master during that time, on reboot of B you can change the master.

In case you want license on the C unit, you will have to go with a downtime.

Please open a case with LAT team for license transfer request from old hardware to new using below link.



Vijay Kuniyal

Staff Technical Support Engineer

CCNA RnS | CCNA Wireless | CWNA | RASZA | Meraki CMNO | RACPA