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Ruckus Cloud Subscriptions


Ruckus Cloud Subscriptions

Ruckus Cloud is a subscription-based service with continuing renewals at regular intervals. Licensing is used interchangeably with subscriptions sometimes. Ruckus Cloud accounts are handled differently during various subscription states.

Active Trial Subscriptions

Ruckus Cloud offers a try-and-buy program. Prospective customers can try Ruckus Cloud for free by signing up for a free trial at A trial subscription allows access to all features for a duration of 60 days. Prospective customers can also request access points (APs) and switches. Qualified opportunities can request from 1 to 10 subscriptions during the trial period.

Expired Trial Subscriptions

There is no grace period provided at the end of a trial subscription. An impending expiration banner with a notice for renewal appears on the dashboard until the expiration date. APS and switches are factory reset at the end of the trial period. All configuration data is lost.

Active Paid Subscriptions

If a prospective customer moves from a trial to a paid subscription, the prospective customer becomes a regular customer, and their Ruckus Cloud account stays the same. There is no limit on the number of Subscriptions that can be active.

Expired Paid Subscriptions

Partial expiration: There is a 60-day grace period for active (paid) subscriptions. All features are available during the grace period.

Total expiration: After the grace period expires, you will not be able to manage the APs or switches using Ruckus Cloud. An email notification is sent with details of the expired APs or switches to allow you to identify and renew the AP or switch license subscription. APs are not reset to factory settings, and they will carry their most-recent configurations and continue to service clients indefinitely. The AP credentials will be the same as those used to access the Ruckus Cloud portal.


Renewals are processed like new subscription purchases. Make sure to use CLR SKUs, and not CLDs, when purchasing renewals. The renewals are not tied to specific AP or switch serial numbers. Therefore, when a renewal subscription is activated the renewal quantity is added to the total number of AP or switch licenses already purchased and remaining active.