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IoT/vRIOT Migration process from 1.8.2 to 2.0.0


This document outlines the procedure for migrating an existing RUCKUS IoT Controller license to RUCKUS IoT Controller RUCKUS IoT Controller is a fresh install. There is no direct upgrade path from 1.8.2.. MT for new subscription/license.

Licensing Model Prior to the release
The RUCKUS IoT Controller supported the AP-based licensing model prior to, in which licenses were consumed by approved APs. In this licensing model, there was an RTU license, temporary/trial license, AP capacity licenses, support licenses, etc. These licenses were coming with either permanent validity or with a custom expiry date.

Licensing Model from release
From the release onwards, RUCKUS provides support for the Device-based licensing model instead of AP-based licensing. The Device Licenses are of three types as below:
 Core - The Core license is a perpetual license bound to the serial number of the controller. The duration of this license is perpetual.
• Instance - The Instance license is based on a subscription and maintains a tenure of 1, 3, or 5 years. Instance licenses are offered in three types: Insight, Premium, and Base.
• Device Capacity- To access the connected devices, after installing a Core license, you can purchase a Device Capacity license. The Device Capacity license is based on a subscription and maintains a tenure of 1, 3, or 5 years. Each device capacity license consists of 250 devices, so if you purchase three device capacity licenses, then you will be able to add 3*250=750 devices to the RUCKUS IoT Controller.

License Migration Process:

  • An existing user of RUCKUS IoT Controller is already using a perpetual license, L09-INT1-WW00(RTU) and L09-INT1-AP00(AP capacity licenses).
  • Ruckus offers three years of subscription-based licenses for customers who have already purchased perpetual licenses and wish to install the version of the RUCKUS IoT Controller.
  • An RTU/core license L09-INT1-WW00 supports the new ( RUCKUS IoT Controller serial number
  • To migrate RTU licenses we/customers should create IOTC-RMA for the 1.8.2 version serial number.
  • IoT-RMA article -
  • The eligible Licenses and SKUs for migration or transfer are as below:
  • 1 x IoT-SOPM-PREM-MSP3- IOT Sub Premium Spp 3yr MSP
  • 1x IoT-SOPM-0250-MSP3 -- IOT Sub 250 Devices Spp 3yr MSP
  • Material Transfer(MT) should be created for mentioned SKUs and Customers/Partners must Contact Ruckus Support for this process. The estimated duration of migration for the subscription-based license is 48 hours.