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Licensing feature for SCG 3.0 in the scope of SZ100 and Vscg


The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed description of the way that a new licensing feature should be implemented for SCG 3.0 in the scope of SZ100 and vSCG.  The description includes all information required to implement a process that connects with the Flexera FlexNet license server, retrieve license information from the license server or manually upload binary license data, and enforce support license for the SCG software upgrade process

License Type

The SZ100 and vSCG will support the AP Capacity License, AP Capacity Base License, Instance License, and Support License.

AP Capacity License

AP Capacity License enables the management of Ruckus Access Point.  It is a permanent license (no expiration date) and the base unit is 1 Ruckus Access Point

Instance License

An instance license can be considered a "Right to Use" license.  The controller will not enable a license without an instance available.  Each controller will build in with a 90-days trial Instance License.  The user must obtain the permanent instance license within 90-days.  After a 90-days trial period, the time and controller still do not have a permanent Instance License, and all licenses in the controller will be disabled. 

Support License

SCG Support License enables SCG to do the system upgrade.

General Requirements

The licensing feature supports the SCG cluster model by each SCG box (node).  The license entitlements are assigned to each individual SCG box (node).  The total granted AP capacity licenses should add all assigned licenses together and be displayed in License Summary.  If any SCG box departs from the cluster, the total granted licenses should remain unchanged for 45 days.  After 45 days the total granted license should recalculate within the remaining SCG box in the cluster.

The trial license will be activated when the SZ100 first starts up. Once the SCG is able to connect with the license server and successfully pull the permanent license data from it, the trail license will be disabled. If later on within the 90 days trial period, the permanent license is removed for whatever reason, the trial license will be enabled again.

The SCG will fully trust the license data provided either from the license server or upload binary license data files.  On the other hand, the previous license data information will be overwritten by new license data.  The license data will store in trusted storage for reference purposes, and decode into the current existing license format to store in the database.